In this course you can select mixed varieties of recipes .for example :-5 biryanis or pulavs,5 snacks,5 gravies,5 Chinese items,10 cakes, ice creams, chocolates ,or any sweets.[you can also take any 30 types of recipes of your choice in this package].
In this package we will teach you personally & practically. 1day course In this course the batch is of one day only, except the cake classes because it is of 2 days ,1 day for baking &1 day for icing

Diwali special Rs. 2200

  • Gathiya
    Aloo Bhujiya
    Namkeen Shankarpalli
    Besan laadu
    Rava Laadu

Mithai Special Rs. 2000

  • Ghevar
    Bombay Halva
    Maysoor pakh

Premix Rs. 2000

  • -These premixes are like the rasoi magic instant. it is healthy without any preservatives and can be used for all veg /non veg/ jain.
    -6 month shelf life without any preservatives 

    Types of gravies:
    Red gravy
    Golden gravy
    Green gravy
    White gravy
    Biryani masala
    Exotic gravy
    Brown gravy

    *from each premix only one type of gravy will be made*
    *no added preservatives or MGS*


  • 4 Types of bouquet
    Completely hand practical class
    All bouquet can be carried.

Fast food Rs. 2000

  • Basic pizza Dough
    Pizza Sauce 
    Fiery paneer pizza
    Cheese Burst Pizza
    Hot Dog
    Red Pasta
    White pasta

Bengali Sweets Rs. 2000

  • Rasgula
    Malai Sandwich
    Choclate Sandwich
    Choclate Sandesh

Royal Sweets Rs. 1500

  • Kajukatri
    Shapes of kajukatri:-

Dhaba Chicken Rs. 2000

  • Dahiwala Murga
    Chicken Angara
    Chicken 65
    Chicken Zafranni
    Chicken Guna

Brownies Rs. 2000

  • Chocolate Walnut Browny
    Date And Almond Browny
    Coffee with Chocochips Browny
    Honey With velvet browny
    Uncooked Browny

Passion Drink Rs. 1500

  • Hot Capachill
    Cold Moccha
    Choclate Milkshake

Milkshake Rs. 2000

  • Dryfruit Milkshake
    Tender Coconut Milkshake
    Apple Milkshake
    Peach Milkshake
    Pan Milkshake
    Coconut Water Milkshake

Homemade Rs. 1500

  • Amul Butter
    Malai Paneer
    Flavoured Dahi

Sandwich Rs. 2000

  • Open Sandswich
    Mayonise Sandwich
    Club Sandwich
    Cheese Chilli Sandwich
    Grill Sandwich
    Masala Toast Sandwich
    Sezhwan Sandwich
    Russian sandwich 
    (All With Chutney )

Cababas Rs. 1500

  • Malai Cababa
    Banjara Cababa
    Galoti Cababa
    Madira Cababa.

Franky Rs. 1500

  • Mushroom Babycorn Franky
    Paneer Franky
    Chinese Sechwan Franky
    Veg Katti Roll

Non.Veg Franky Rs. 2000

  • Egg Franky
    Chicken Franky
    Sausages Franky
    Chicken Salami.

Salads Rs. 1500

  • Hawain salad
    Radish Salad
    Cauliflower Salad
    Russian Salad
    Paneer Salad
    Sprout Salad

Non veg Biryani Rs. 1500

  • Chicken Shahi Biryani
    3 Layered Biryani

Veg. Biryani Rs. 2000

  • Bengan Bahar Biryani
    Paneer Makhni Biryani
    Milan Tihari Biryani
    Zafrani Biryani
    Moglayi Biryani
    Shahi Biryani
    Hyderabadi Biryani

Parathas Rs. 1500

  • Aloo Paratha
    Papad Chinese Paratha
    Chole Paratha
    Gobi Paratha
    Muli Paratha
    Paneer Paratha

Dhoklas Rs. 1500

  • Nilon Dhokla
    Rava Dhokla
    Shev Khamani
    Sandwich Dhokla
    Mungdal Dhokla
    Ratiwadi Chatni

Royal Punjabi Rs. 1800

  • Paneer Plaza
    Paneer Peshavari
    Paneer Tikka Masala
    Veg.Chilli Milli
    Corn Capcicum

Tandoori Specials Rs. 2000

  • Tandoori Chicken Tikka Masala
    Tandoori Paplet
    Tandoori Chop Masala
    Tandoori Prawns
    Butter Chicken (2 Types)
    Tandoori Chicken.

Dal Special Rs. 1200

  • Dal Tadaka
    Dal Kurma
    Dal Makhani
    Peshavari Da
    Rajvadi Dal
    Punjabi Kadi
    Pakoda Kadi

Punjabi Special Rs. 2000

  • Paneer Darbari
    Matter Paneer
    Bangan Bagar
    Methi Matter Malai
    Paneer Makhanwala
    Dum Paneer Handi
    Shahi Flower
    Kashmiri Dumaloo

Fried Special Rs. 1200

  • Chupa Rustam Cababa
    Prawns/Paneer Kolivada
    Khajana Potli
    Paneer Thee Sauti Bauti
    Aloo Paneer Pops
    Suji Cababa
    ,Banana Chips

Mukhwaas Rs. 1500

  • Awla Candy
    Emli Chatka
    Draksha Dee Vatti
    Icetea Pan
    Salli Supari
    Minthol Mukhwaas

Chicken Special Rs. 2000

  • Chicken Koftakari
    Murg Palak
    Haidrabadi Chicken Kurma
    Kadai Chicken
    Murg Navaratna
    Masala Murg
    Chicken Yakhni

Non-Veg Pickle Rs. 1200

  • Mutton Pickle
    Chicken Pickle
    Prawans Pickle
    Sausages Pickle
    Egg Pickle

Veg. Pickle Rs. 1200

  • Lemon Pickle
    Kairi Pickle
    Chunda Garlic Pickle
    Vegetable Pickle

Cakes Rs. 2000

  • Black Forest
    Pineapple Cake
    Mava Cake
    Swiss Roll
    Cheese Cake
    Dutch troufle

Exotic Gravies Rs. 1200

  • Basic Red Gravies
    White Gravy
    Makhni Gravy
    Brown Gravy
    Paneer Laziz

Mutton Special Rs. 1500

  • Sausage Mutton Kurma
    Malabari Mutton
    Malini Mutton
    Mutton Tikha
    Mutton Guna

Soups Rs. 1200

  • Tomato Soup
    Manchaw Soup
    Hot Sour Soup
    Sweet Corn Soup
    Clear Soup

Ice Creams Rs. 2000

  • Soft Icecream Base(Vannila,Butter Scotch)
    Natural Ice Cream Base(Paan Masala
    Tender (Coconut)
    Mava Kulfi
    Choclate Sauce

Modak Rs. 2000

  • Mava Modak
    Tirangi Modak
    Shahi Modak
    Mango Modak
    Choclate Modak
    Choclate Coconut Modak
    Paan Modak
    Panchyakhadya Modak
    Anjeer Modak
    Ukdiche Modak

Chaat Special Rs. 1500

  • Pani Puri
    Ragda Pattis
    Khusta Kachori
    Dahi Vada
    Punjabi Samosa
    Bread Khandavi.(With Chutney).

Syrup Rs. 1200

  • Mango Syrup
    Rose Syrup
    Pineapple Syrup
    Lemon-Ginger Syrup
    Paan Syrup
    Awla Syrup
    Peru Syrup
    Kokam Syrup
    Jaljira Syrup

Bread Rs. 2000

  • Brown Bread
    nutella bun
    Pizza Base
    Burger Bread
    Hotdog bread
    Pita Bread
    Soup Stick
    Sandwich Bread 
    Garlic Bread

Mix N Match Rs. 1500

  • Surti Undyo
    Sarso Da Sak With Makka Di Roti
    Chole With Batture
    Butter Nan
    Missi Roti

Chocolate Rs. 2000

  • Liquor
    Kit Kat
    Dry Fruit Chocolate
    Cake Pops
    Coffee Jelly
    Little Heart
    Marble Chocolate,
    Jelly In Chocolate Centre

Desserts Rs. 1500

  • Mango Delight
    Orange Delight
    Pineapple Delight
    Chocolate Sauce
    Orange Soufflé
    Mango Marvel
    Chocolate Mousse
    Chocolate Fudge

Roti Ki Tokri Rs. 2000

  • Butter Nan
    Reshmi Pratha
    Garlic Nan
    Cheese Spinach Cocktail Pratha
    Paneer Kulcha
    Aloo Kulcha
    Aloo Palak Pratha
    Cheese & Garlic Kulcha
    Tandoori Roti
    Masala Tandoori Roti

Biscuits & Cookies Rs. 2000

  • Nankhatai
    Wheat Biscuits
    Mocha’ Biscuits
    Bournvita Biscotti
    Jeera Biscuits
    Ajwain Biscuits
    Mirch-Masala Biscuits
    Kaju Cookies
    Coconut-Cherry Cookies
    Chip Cookies
    Melting Moments
    Marble Cookies
    Chocolate Coated Fingers
    Orange Crispiest

Tawa Handi Rs. 1500

  • Tawa Paneer
    Makkai Ki Tawa
    Pav Bhaji
    Tawa East & West Vegetables
    Tawa Patties With Pasta
    Tawa Kabab With Chana
    Handi Haryali
    Handi Dum Aloo
    Handi Pakodi In Curry

Veg Sizzlers Rs. 1500

  • Paneer Shashlik Sizzler
    Tex-Mex Spaghetti Sizzler
    Soya Chillie Paneer Sizzler
    Oriental Cheese & Potato Stick Sizzler
    Tandoori Twin Cutlet Sizzler
    Garden Green Sizzler
    Grill Dumpling & Noodle Sizzler

Mocktails Rs. 1500

  • Thandai, Am Shoal
    Frey Fizz
    Morning Mist
    Pina Colada
    Pink Panther
    Don's Punch
    Ice Tea
    Blue Nile
    Summer Cool
    Khush Syrup
    Ice-Cream Soda
    Grapes Marvel

Chinese Rs. 1500

  • Manchurian
    Hakka Noodles
    Paneer Chili
    Veg. Crispy
    Chicken Dragon Roll
    Spring Roll
    Chicken Saute
    American Chopcy 

Mexican-Italian Rs. 1500

  • Nachos with salsa sauce
    Taccos with Mexican salad
    Crispy tortillas with beans and cheese sauce

Italian Rs. 1500

  • Potato & spinach bake
    Fussili in herb-ed tomato sauce
    Penne in pesto sauce
    Garlic toast
    Spaghetti with vegetables in cheese sauce

Soup & Starters Rs. 1500

  • Shredded potato with hot garlic sauce
    Sweet corn vegetable soup
    Hot & sour soup
    Manchow soup
    Wantons noodles soup
    Tomato soup
    Clear soup

Cake & Pastries (EGGLESS) Rs. 2000

  • Chocolate and mousse cake
    Kiwi cake
    Chocolate and walnut biscuit cake
    Strawberry cake
    Honey curd cake
    Coconut cake

Tea Time Cake Rs. 2000

  • Date and walnut cake
    Orange muffins
    Vanilla truffle cake
    Mava muffins
    Pina colada
    Suji and tutty - fruity slice

Salad & Dressing Rs. 2000

  • Thousand island dressing
    French dressing
    Italian dressing
    Russian salad
    Mexican salad
    Garden fresh salad
    Sprouts salad
    Waldore salad
    Pick me up salad
    White honey salad

Masala Rs. 2000

  • Milk Masala
    Pav Bhaji Masala
    Chole Masala
    Kolapuri Masala
    Sunday Special Masala
    Malvani Masala
    Goda Masala
    Sambhar Masala
    Chai Masala
    Kitchen Masala
    Chaat Masala

South Indian Rs. 2000

  • Rawa Dili
    Kanchipuram Dili
    Mendu vada
    Onion Rawa Dosa
    Mysoor Masala Dosa
    Masala Dosa
    Sethwen Chopsy Dosa
    Coconut Chutney
    Rasam Vada

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